The 13th Exchange Group from American Brookline High School visiting our school

The 13th?Exchange Group from American Brookline High Schoolvisiting our school

The13th?Exchange Group from American Brookline High? School arrived in our school on 14 Feb 2013. Inthe morning, host families went to Xi’an Railway Station to pick up visitinggroup. Visiting group was picked up by host families directly from the airport.

Thevisiting group will spend the whole semester in our school, everyday, they willtake classes with our students, additionally, we have arranged Chinese lessonsand Chinese cultural lessons for them, such as Chinese calligraphy, Chinesepainting, cooking and paper-cut etc, which could make them know the Chinesetraditional culture better. Besides the lessons, we have arranged travel forthem to, hoping this could help them enrich their life, widen their view andknowing China.

Wishthe exchange success.