School profile


Xi’an GaoxinNo.1 High School (Gaoxin No.1 High School for short) was established in 1995,located in the east side of the relics of Chang’an City Wall in Tang Dynasty in Xi’an Hi-tech Industries and Development Zone.You could see the culture core of famous Xi’an city, while combining the modern scienceand technology.

365bet有效流水不足 Gaoxin No.1 High School is one of the ‘Shaanxi Model High Schools approved firstly’, awarded the ‘Nation-class Education, Science andResearch School’, ‘Excellent Program School of Chinese Scienceand Technology Youth Creative Talents Cultivation Program’, ‘ExperimentalSchool of Promoting students’ andteachers’Development’, ‘Province-class Civilization Campus’, ‘Province-classModel School of New Courses Reform’, ‘Province-class Experimental School ofModern Education Technology’, ‘Province-class Safe Campus’, ‘Xi’an Excellent School for Moral Education’, ‘Xi’an Studying-style Advanced Unit ’and ‘City-class Green Civilization Campus’etc. by the Ministry of Education of thePeople’s Republicof China, ?Education Department ofShaanxi Provincial Government and Xi’anEducation Bureau separately.

There are first-class physics digital laboratory, physicsresearch laboratory, general technology design and product laboratory, biology asepticcultivation laboratory, network laboratory, robot laboratory and physics andchemistry laboratories for the international classes. There are two functionalhalls which could hold around 800 people. There are many students’ activities centers, such as electronicreading room, audiovisual reading room, ceramic classroom, inside gym, pingpongclassroom, dancing classroom, choir classroom, musical instruments classroomand fine arts classroom etc.

There is a group of teachers with noblemorality, creative Philosophy, strong research ability and wide internationaloutlook. there are around 50 special-grade teachers, famous teachers, subjectleaders, youth position model and national teaching experts, furthermore, thereare around 10 foreign teachers teaching in our school. All of English teachershave accepted the international training already.

The teaching reform in our school has made manyachievements, at present, we have opened school’s special selective courses such as ceramicclass, Model United Nation class and robot class; other selective courses aboutscience and technology such as network practice, smart robot, webpage-making,automobile repair and maintenance and plant aseptic cultivation and so on. Student who selected these courses are accounting for52% of all of students in the senior1 grade. In 2006, the international coursescenter was built, opening the international high-school courses, such asBritish A-Level courses, American AP courses and SAT courses, which help morestudents go abroad in the pursuit of undergraduate study in the first-classuniversities around the world.

The Operation Philosophy of Gaoxin No.1High School is as follows: people foremost, students centered, facing theworld, facing the future, foster the high-quality talents. The school has beendoing very well in the international exchange, insisting on connectingeducation with the international education. Gaoxin No.1 High School has achievedunexpected accomplishes by carrying out the school operation philosophy andteaching thoughts with special characteristics:

Enrollment rate of the National College (University) EntranceExamination of Gaoxin No.1 High School ranks in the forefront in ShaanxiProvince. From 2006 to 2010, Gaoxin No.1 High School has 7 number ones Science or Liberal Art scholar in Shaanxi College (University)Entrance Examination continuously in 5 years, with 215 students recruited byPeking University and Tsinghua University.

Enrollment rate of universities abroad is excellent too. From2004 to 2010, there are 6 students enrolled by the University of Cambridge andUniversity of Oxford; 300-odd students enrolled by Imperial College London,University of Columbia, National University of Singapore, University ofMelbourne and University of Toronto etc.

In recent 5 years, there are 800-odd province-class awards in the5 subjects competitions, with first-prize of subjects competitions ranks in theforefront in Shaanxi Province and a couple of students selected by the NationalOlympiad in winter.

Students of Gaoxin No.1 High School take part in Province-class,City-class and Nation-class Youth Science and Technology Creation Competitionand ‘Little Scientist in the future’ activities positively, the number ofattendants ranks number one in Shaanxi Province. There are students chosen byNational Youth Science and Technology Creation Competition in continuous coupleof years. In recent 3 years, there are 11 students getting awards in theNational Youth Science and Technology Creation Competition, in which 7 wereawarded the silver prize.

Students of Gaoxin No.1 High School took part in the RoboCup 2010SINGAPORE, getting the First Prize, furthermore, students of Gaoxin No.1 HighSchool was award ‘the Best Invention Award’ in the Hawai’i Vex RoboticsCompetition.

There are around 100 clubs in Gaoxin No.1 High School, such as ‘PhoenixAlumni abroad Association ’, ‘Eagle Eye Photographic Society’, ‘Future Buffett’,‘Magic Star’ and ‘Qi Hai Lan’. In 2009 and 2010, invited by International ModelUnited Nation Organization, Gaoxin No.1 High School sent students to participatethe World Middle School MUN activities, getting a couple of medals as the onlyteam with English as the second language.

The school hasestablished sister school relationship with 8 schools in 3 countries, sendingexchange group to each other and carrying out the students’ creation abilityresearch together. Furthermore, the school is member of ‘Creative TalentsEducation Research Association’ which Mrs. Liu Pengzhi is responsible for, whois the educator, State Department counselor and the Principal of the HighSchool Affiliated to Renmin University of China.

The school is exploring the training mode of the creative talentspositively.

Since established for 16 years, the school has been recognized byprestigious universities and colleges domestic and abroad. Selection Center inChina of the University of Cambridge awarded school the ‘University of Cambridge Selection Center inChina Shaanxi Examination Center’. Theschool is one of the schools whose principals could recommend students to go tothe Peking University, and one of the first batch A-Plan schools by TsinghuaUniversity. School has signed agreements with University of Toronto andUniversity of California, Berkley etc., who could recruit students from schooldirectly, which is a kind of award given by prestigious universities, theschool is sharing it.

At the same time, school is accelerating the investment toschools located in the poverty area, promoting weak schools to developtogether, which is real radiation and model of the excellent educationresource.

National Middle and Long-term Education Reform and DevelopmentLayout (2010-2020)> indicates the direction which school should go for, thatis the new start, the school will fly again. In the future, all of facultiesand students of Gaoxin No.1 High School will make every effort on creating theprestigious high school with mission of racing against the time and outlook offacing the world.